Food is the essence of life, without which we cannot imagine living. Anything you eat or drink has to come in contact with your teeth before entering your digestive system. Hence the food you take puts a direct impact on the health of your teeth. Most of the diet we choose today is either brimming with sugar or is very sticky.


These food choices might give pleasure to your tongue but are the venom for your teeth. These food items can wear off the tooth enamel, making the teeth vulnerable to cavities. Hence it is of utmost importance to focus on eating habits and patterns to help your teeth stay healthy.


And if you want to save your teeth, you need to take a step back from sugary, sticky and acidic foods.  And start focusing on eating a well-balanced diet which could give a boost to your healthy intake and preserve the health of your teeth.


To know what it takes to keep your teeth healthy; What type of food one should eat; what type of drinks one should take; let’s have a read to this blog.

1. Healthy and Balanced diet is the life mantra

A healthy diet is inclusive of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and whole dairy products. Dairy products have the highest composition of calcium and hence are best for your teeth. Eating a balanced diet would not just maintain your oral health but would also keep you fit for long.
So, wait no more and switch to a balanced diet.

2. Avoid the Acidic Food

Our balanced diet has many such fruits which are highly acidic. The citrus fruits like orange and tomato are highly acidic. The citric acid in them can wear off the tooth enamel, causing cavities. It is better to accompany them with meals so that their effect can be reduced.So, wait no more and switch to a balanced diet.

3. Sweets aren’t that good

Cavities seem to have a good relation with sticky and sugary food. As, whenever these type of foods are eaten more than required, they always end up inviting cavities. So, if you want to save your teeth, you need to limit the intake of sugary food. And do not forget to have a glass of water after these type of food so that sugary or sticky components could be washed away from the teeth.

The sugary food isn’t just limited to cookies, candies or cakes. But there is a high quantity of sugar in sodas, energy drinks, and juices. So, before putting anything in the mouth, make sure to check its sugar content.

4. Watch-out for teeth straining drinks

Beverages like tea, coffee, and red wine are more likely to stain your teeth because of the pigment in them called chromogens. This doesn’t mean that you should stop enjoying the sips of morning tea or red wine at celebrations, just drinking water after them can neutralize the effect. Water is the best agent to remove these stain causing agents from the teeth.

5. Eat non-sticky  and less starchy food

Sticky and starchy foods like honey, candies, raisins and potato chips can stick to the surface of teeth and increase the vulnerability of cavities. You need to limit its intake. You can enjoy your favourite sticky food items if they are accompanied by good oral health practices like daily brushing and flossing.

6. Calcium is the health cheat

Calcium has proven to be the best friend of healthy teeth. People who get enough calcium are less likely to develop gum diseases. It is always recommended that one should get at least 1,000 to 1,300 milligrams of calcium daily. Milk and its products are a great source of calcium. Other foods which have high calcium content are beans, almonds, and leafy green veggies.

7. A Big ‘NO’ to inflammatory Food

Certain foods like saturated fats and refined foods end up bringing inflammation. According to many researches, inflammatory food is directly related to bad oral health and weak gums. So, try to avoid these kinds of foods and switch to an anti-inflammatory diet which could help you maintain your oral health and presentation of your smile.

8. Sugar-free gum could be of great help

Sugar-free chewing gums could be a good alternative for other sticky and starchy snacks. You can reduce the vulnerability of cavities by chewing this gum after the meals.  This is because chewing a piece of gum could stimulate saliva and remove the material which could lead to tooth decay. Plus, what is bad in getting a fresh breath?

9. Switch to healthy fats

Healthy fat foods are the essence of an anti-inflammatory diet. Olive oil, avocado and fatty fish like salmon are some of those food items which include healthy fats.

10. Drink Water

We all know that water is the universal cleaner. Plain water has proven to be the best component to maintain oral health and extract other health benefits. Beverages which are not sweetened won’t do any harm. But if you are drinking sweetened beverages, do have a glass of water after it to wash off the sugar from your teeth.

Your teeth are important components of your smile. A frown dental set is equal to a toothless mouth.
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