Getting your mouth poked by someone regularly isn’t what anyone would love to have. Neither would anyone like to sit on the dentist chair in a dental clinic after every 6 months.
But what if I tell you that giving a visit to the dentist at least twice a year could prove to be a fortunate affair for you; then? If you are thinking to skip the checkup to cut the costs, think again! You might end up paying long bills, longer than your total medical checkups if you avoid these.
Let’s have a read to why we should give a knock to a dentist’s door after regular intervals.

A cleanup from Plaque, Tartar, and Cavities

You might be a daily brusher and a regular flosser, but still, there are some corners of the mouth which remain remote to your bristles. Those corners are prone to plaque formation. When they become solid, they turn themselves to Tartar which is really difficult to remove.
Tartar then acts upon your teeth forming cavities. The sad part is, they do not give a warning before forming the cavities; just a small ache and that too only after the cavities are formed.
Now you have to contact your dentist, get Tartar removed and get the tooth filled up. But what if you have had regular visits to a dental clinic? I don’t see any such problem after that!
And moreover, regular cleaning is much affordable and less costly than the filling treatment.
So think yourself are you saving money by not going to a dentist or just waiting to waste more?

A Good Bye to Gum Diseases

The plaque sometimes contacts the gums and fatally erodes its tissues making the gums pull away from the tooth. Such infection takes the name of gingivitis and as it proceeds, the tissue which attaches gums to teeth starts to break down.
The situation worsens when gums start to swell, bleed and give a squeal of pain in mouth stopping you even from eating anything.
At this time, only a dentist comes to rescue and believe me, he is going to put a hole in your wallets too.
Its better have a regular checkup to avoid flowing cash like water and avoiding the painful moments.

Keeping a Check on Bad Habits

Ample bad habits are there which are causing grave damage to your dental health. Some of the damages can be stealthy which show their symptoms only after they have reached the peak level.
These habits may include biting your nails, chewing ice, grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, eating sticky or hard sweets, brushing your teeth too hard, drinking red wine or coffee and yes smoking too!
Regular visits to the dental clinic can help detect these damages at juvenile age and start the protective measures accordingly. Dentists can help alter the lifestyle to avoid such damages in the future too.

A Glimpse to the conditions of Head, Neck and Lymph Nodes

Besides looking for the problems in Teeth, Tongue, and Jaw, the dentists also scavenge for any problems relating to Head, Neck and Lymph Nodes.
Most of the problems are undetectable to a layman but a close look of a professional can help you detect these. If an abnormality is found to be a root of major health issues, the dentist at once suggests consulting a doctor.
Swollen Lymph Nodes are the silent destructors which do not necessarily hurt but could be a sign of certain kinds of cancer.
Ignoring the regular checkups might increase the vulnerability of fatal diseases.

Early Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is one of the most fatal diseases relating to oral health. If not detected at its infant stage, it can even cost the life. It spreads rapidly and becomes a noticeable havoc in its mature stage.
But thanks to new medical technologies, it can be cured at an early stage. Your dentist is specifically trained to find the needle of disease in the haystack of complications.
A non-invasive and entirely pain-free exam called Velscope Cancer Exam can be taken to catch the invisible signs of dead tissues caused by tumors inside the mouth.

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